Dance Histories: A Journey Across the Muslim Silk Roads


Explore the vibrant dance traditions of the Muslim world, from Uyghur, Persian, and Afghan dances to Indo-Pakistani and Far Eastern forms. This book highlights the historical, spiritual, and cultural significance of these dances, illustrating their deep connections to Islamic and folk traditions.


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Discover the rich and diverse dance traditions of the Muslim world in this comprehensive exploration. From the elegant movements of Uyghur dance and the spiritual grace of Persian and Afghan traditions to the vibrant heritage of Indo-Pakistani and Far Eastern dances, this book examines the historical, cultural, and spiritual significance of each style. Uncover the stories of how these dances have evolved, influenced by Islamic teachings, local customs, and the dynamic interactions along the Silk Road. Learn how dance has served as a vital link to the past, a medium for storytelling, and a powerful expression of identity and spirituality across various Muslim communities.

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